Executive Summary Elements


A.  Overview

Summarize the 5 W’s of the opportunity (What, Where, When, Why and Who) in a few sentences.  Speak to the larger vision and how current strategy fits.  Mention 5 year revenue goal.

State the purpose of the RFP (i.e. seeking a strategic partner/investor to raise $ or acquire company ………..).  Short discussion of your company and if there is acquisition target, why synergistic.

B.  Market Description

Description of Market

Size of Market

How large is market opportunity, both current strategy and expanded vision

Growth of Market

C.  Rationale

Describe compelling business case

What inefficiencies are addressed

Describe business strategy

D.  Product Description

Outline products

Describe customers/marketing

Describe distribution channels

Describe operations

E.  Sources of Revenue

Describe business model

Address specific drivers i.e. why scale matters,

State sources of revenue

Specify revenue drivers

F.  Competition

Describe competition both for current and future vision

G.  Organization

Describe organization, specify management team

Describe Board of Directors/Advisory Board

Provide summary bios

H.  Current Status

Describe current operating status including office location, number of employees, clients, strategic partnership arrangements, contracts, marketing efforts etc.  The purpose here is for an investor to determine how real you are.

I.  Financials

Include Summary table of financials (historical and projected). Include revenue by product line, expenses and synergies if acq, profit, EBITDA (if acquisition for target and combined)

Do two years historical, current year and five years projection;  Can do at summary level and provide details later

Include current summary balance sheet, target and combined

State assumed level of financing to meet projections

Specify any other assumptions

If not cash flow positive, when?

Pay attention to change in revenue and change in EBITDA year to year, revenue growth, margin growth

J.  Investment

Describe capitalization (i.e. ownership, investment to date etc)

Describe transaction (what you are looking for from a partner/investor, valuation, licensing, capitalization, etc.).

Include working capital requirements






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